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Ivory AI

Your Partner in Dental Care

About ivory

Experience the power of artificial intelligence and revolutionize your dental health journey. Ivory AI is a cutting-edge medical technology platform that brings together dental expertise and advanced AI algorithms to make oral healthcare accessible and convenient to all. The dedicated team of Ivory AI is committed to enhancing your oral health, improving practice efficiency, and providing you with the utmost confident smile.  

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Patient Management System

Our platform offers a comprehensive tool to streamline patient management. By securely storing patient records, we enable dental practitioners to deliver timely care, improve practice efficiency, and enhance the overall patient experience. With Ivory AI, you can expect seamless appointment scheduling, efficient referral management, and the maintenance of electronic records for easy access to your medical history.

AI Diagnosis

In the digital era, accurate diagnosis is paramount. With Ivory AI, patients can capture clear images of the inside of their mouth using our user-friendly application. Our advanced AI algorithms analyze the image, enabling dentists to provide precise diagnosis, and initiate appropriate treatment plans promptly. Experience the convenience of leveraging technology for accurate oral health assessments. 

Dental Health Monitoring

At Ivory AI, we go beyond initial diagnosis and treatment. Our platform serves as a comprehensive solution for monitoring and maintaining your oral health. Our AI engine learns your oral habits and conditions, providing personalized recommendations tailored to your unique needs. With Ivory AI, you have a trusted partner in preserving your healthy smile and overall well-being.  

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