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More Convenient Appointments

Reduced Costs

Improved Diagnosis & Treatment

More Personalized Care

When you choose Ivory AI, you can cleanse your search history of 'free dental hospital near me' or 'best dental clinic.' But first, let's explore how Ivory AI can benefit patients. 

Experience the convenience and reliability of Ivory AI, your go-to-dental solution. Say goodbye to endless searches for the best dental clinic near you or struggles to find a free dental hospital nearby. Instead, trust Ivory AI to ensure you receive quality dental care and solutions tailored to your needs.

AI Diagnosis

The AI-based application gathers the data from your dental health report. This procedure helps diagnose oral health issues and how this concern can be treated.

After a primary treatment of you, we advise you to find clinics within a 5 km radius of our platform. Once selected, an appointment can be booked at a convenient time.

Treatment Scheduling

Our platform is a one-stop solution to monitor and maintain healthy smiles and lives. Our AI engine understands your oral habits and conditions to provide tailored recommendations.

Dental Health Monitoring

Offerings by Ivory AI – one of the leading dental AI companies

Ivory AI promises the highest level of personal care, attention, and communication and an uncompromisingly high standard of oral care for life. In addition, every patient can search for clinics within 5 km of the radius of their location to ease their commute.

We encourage you to join the dental care revolution today and enjoy the following benefits

Ivory AI – Get A Dental Appointment Anytime, Anywhere!

Is your search brimming with 'best dental clinic near me,' 'teeth hospital near me,' or 'free dental clinic near me?' Look no further! Ivory AI is a groundbreaking AI-based dental platform revolutionizing how you access dental care. The innovative AI-based dental platform connects you with your area's best dental clinics and hospitals.

With Ivory AI, you can now book a dental appointment anytime and anywhere, making dental care accessible and more convenient. We understand oral health's importance and believe everyone should have access to quality dental solutions. That's why we offer primary dental checkups to all, ensuring that oral hygiene is within reach for everyone.   

As a bonus, Ivory AI offers free referrals to the first fifty patients. Take advantage of this limited-time offer to receive a comprehensive dental checkup free of cost. Download our user-friendly app or visit our website. With our intuitive interface, you can easily select a preferred dental provider nearby, choose a suitable time slot, and secure your appointment within minutes.

Quick & Easy Health Record Storage

Improved Patient Experience

Accuracy & Consistency of Primary Diagnosis

The Convenience of Scheduling Appointments via Website or App

Referrals & Reduced Costs

Your healthy, beautiful smile starts here with Ivory AI, your ultimate dental care companion.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ivory AI serves as your personal dental digital assistant that can benefit you with digital dental screenings and receive personalized reports. We help enhance your oral care in conjunction with physical dental visits to clinics located within a 5-kilometer radius, as and when required

  • To initiate an online dental consultation, you can access the Ivory AI platform using the website or the application. 

  • Tele dentistry can cut the cost of a consultation appointment while providing dental care on-demand, in the time and place of the patient’s choosing. While Ivory AI is designed to enhance your oral care, it is important to note that physical dental visits to clinics are still recommended when necessary. 

  • Yes, Ivory AI provides prescriptions for medications after a dental checkup.

  • You need to schedule an appointment to a nearby clinic through Ivory AI. 

Smart Technology for Smarter Smiles with Ivory AI

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